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Released for the first time... A hot, no-limits sexfight between TORI SINCLAIR and slender and sexy CANDLE BOXX, first shot as part of a custom video project.

Tori and Candle confront each other out on the balcony, arguing over the man they both want for themselves, each woman refusing to believe that her man would ever pass her over for her rival!
After a ritual exchange of slaps back and forth, Tori And Candle struggle on the balcony in a stand-up catfight which sends them stumbling back into the apartment, where they eventually agree to settle their dispute... NUDE... in the bedroom!
Once stripped down to the bare essentials, the two rivals in love tangle and grapple on the bed, grabbing each other's intimate areas, thrusting and writhing on top of each other, legs spread wide open! Pussies come in for some rough treatment, and Candle's trash talk is especially rough and nasty! She seals her victory with a merciless facesit, grinding her ass and pussy on Tori's face to her satisfaction...

But Tori is far from satisfied with the outcome, and she challenges Candle to settle things "woman to woman" and with no limits! The sex duel is underway, with hot kissing, sexy nude wrestling, pussy rubbing, and deep fingering! Both women endure numerous invasions and probes of their intimate areas, helpless to withstand the erotic onslaughts! The warm room gets hotter and hotter as Tori and Candle test each other's sexual stamina!

The X-rated sex battle between Tori and Candle now escalates, as the women take things up a notch, and start invading each other's asses! Tori and Candle get probed "between the cheeks" again and again!
The women at last link up their pussies for a grinding tribad finale which determines the winner of this red-hot sexual showdown, the climactic appearances in sexfight action for both of their favorite battling beauties! Never before and never again will you see Tori in such uninhibited woman-to-woman mayhem (including anal fingering)! The duel also turned out to be Candle's farewell performance in JMR erotic battles as well... She goes out with a bang!

It's the shocking, incredible erotic duel unlike anything Tori has ever done before!

61 minutes, 1.11 GB. 720 x 540 WMV Format (4:3).

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